Randy Couture’s Wife Takes Out Restraining Order

45-year-old Randy Couture may have the fight of his life coming up against Brock Lesnar, but for the MMA mogul, the problems don’t end at the octagon. In addition to his recently settled lawsuit with the UFC, Couture is now facing legal action from a New York-area company that hosted a party of his, and now his wife has just taken out a restraining order on business partner Todd Beard.

Kim Couture
(Funny, I thought “restraining” and “order” were the names of her two fists.)


Kim Couture won the order Wednesday against Affliction Inc. clothing company owner Todd Eugene Beard. She alleges in court documents that Beard has a violent criminal history and engaged in “threatening” actions.

A court spokeswoman said the order restraining Beard from approaching Kim Couture was issued Wednesday by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Doug Smith.

Kim Couture also asked the judge to prohibit Beard from attending a UFC bout featuring Randy Couture this Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden arena.

Well, that seems a bit mundane, doesn’t it? Let’s get the AP’s Ken Ritter here to up the ante a little bit:

Kim Couture, 32, of Las Vegas, alleged that an Oct. 17 phone call with her and her Los Angeles lawyer, Sam Spira, disintegrated into Beard screaming “that he would ‘get’ us and otherwise make us regret that we had persisted” in trying to obtain accountings on a T-shirt contract she manages featuring Randy Couture’s name and likeness.


Beard’s lawyer, Michael Bassiri of Newport Beach, Calif., called allegations that Beard threatened Couture “complete nonsense.”

“I think they took his statements incorrectly that there was any sort of physical harm implied,” Bassiri said. “He didn’t threaten them. It was only regarding a business relationship.”

Yes, we’re sure frivolous restraining orders over business relationships get handed down all the time. Ritter also details a litany of criminal misbehavior by Beard, so much so that one has to wonder why the Coutures ever got involved with the man in the first place.

But seriously, this is nothing that a few lefts to the temple can’t fix. We’re not advocating violence as a solution to a nonviolent problem, but… actually that’s exactly what we’re advocating. It would be fun to watch.