Courteney Cox and David Arquette Sell House to Dodgers Owners

DODGERS OWNERS LOVE TO RECEIVE COX-ARQUETTE PAD: Frank and Jamie McCourt are changing addresses, as the Dodgers owners are buying a house from Courteney Cox & David Arquette:

Frank McCourt Courteney Cox David Arquette

The cliff-top Malibu mansion is exchanging hands for a price tag of over $30 million, three times the amout the Cox-Arquettes put down on the place six years ago.

However, this isn’t David’s first brush with someone in the sporting world. In 2000, he became involved with World Championship Wrestling, and actually won the WCW heavyweight championship. Within a year, the company was out of business.

David Arquette WCW

But the McCourts should be satisfield with their purchase, as Cox had gushed about it’s “stunning views and total privacy.” Besides, if the new digs don’t work out, Frank can always turn it into a parking lot.