Blogs: Could Steve Spurrier Be Enticed To Come To Westwood To Coach UCLA

• It’s a long shot, but BRUINS NATION believes the Ol’ Ball Coach should settle down in Westwood:

Spurrier Benjamins

• THE OFFSIDE finds better seats, as the Kansas City Wizards are taking their soccer act to a minor league baseball park.• WITH MALICE has a song in their heart, as they suggest some tunes for certain NBA crooners.

• TENNIS SERVED FRESH snap some shots (the non-upskirt variety) of Maria Sharapova playing in Madrid:

Maria Sharapova Madrid

• LETS GO DU sends a Maine hockey player to the box for a game misconduct with the girls.• STEVENLEIJA.COM knows imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as Tony Romo tries to be a ref.

• MEN OF THE SCARLET AND GRAY finds that since he’s not playing this season, Greg Oden found time to grace the cover of College Hoops 2K8:

Greg Oden 2K8 cover

• THE ANGRY T isn’t at a loss for words, as the smack talk between Michigan and Michigan State is just warming up.• It’s not an honor just to be nominated, as VEGAS WATCH tosses up their biggest MLB MVP snubs.

• DEADSPIN hears a roar from Motown, as the Detroit Lions may be for real:

Detroit Lions mascot

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS cries no tears for Nebraska getting shucked by Kansas.• SIGNAL TO NOISE feels the heat, as they check the temps of these college coaches on the hot seat.