Could Mountain Fires Extinguish Dodgers Game?

It’s quite a sight watching the fires burn in the mountains just northeast of Los Angeles. During the day, huge plumes of smoke rise as if a new Mount St. Helens has been established in Southern California. And at night, bright lines of orange crisscross through the mountain tops. As pretty as it may look, it’s still a pain to deal with.

los angeles mountain fires

Although the fires themselves aren’t directly threatening L.A. proper - not yet, anyway - it’s still causing plenty of discomfort, as the air is smokier & dirtier than what it normally is. So now might not be the best time sitting outside for extended periods of time - like, say, at a 3-hour baseball game.

But it will take more than raging wildfires to deter the Dodgers from fulfilling their civic duty and play their way to another NL West title.

The L.A. TIMES asked Dodgers communications VP Josh Rawitch if the fumes & flames would falter any attempts at continuing the Blue Crew’s current home schedule. And it sounds like the Dodgers are still burning with the desire to play ball:

“The air obviously isn’t what it normally is, but we don’t foresee any issues with playing the game as of right now,” Rawitch said in an e-mail. “We have been regularly monitoring the fire, wind, and smoke conditions and have been in touch with Major League Baseball for a contingency plan in the event things change, but we do not foresee that happening at this time.”

Rawitch also added that the Dodgers would have “proper personnel on hand” at the stadium in case any fans start feeling poorly. We understand concessions will be selling officially licensed Dodgers facemasks, with the nifty “LA” logo situated on the mouth area. Only $15 plus sales tax.