Could Cassel Jet To New York As Favre Follower?

You got to hand it to him: Matt Cassel sure picked the right year to work the legs of his Tom Brady voodoo doll. Not only does he get to ride the wave of talent from last year’s near-perfect team, but he’s also hugely jacking up the cash he’s going to get when he hits the free agent market after this year. So the big question remains: Where’s he going to end up?

Matt Cassel

Interesting piece of speculation by Charles Casserly on today’s CBS PREGAME SHOW [a huge hat tip to FANHOUSE] regarding Cassel’s place of residence next season: Depending on what happens with Brett Favre - who we all know could retire five times before next year - Cassel could wind up picking apart Belichick’s defense from the comforts of a Jets uniform.

That sound you just heard is Peter King having the largest orgasm/brain aneurysm ever.

Transcription from FANHOUSE:

“If I’m Matt Cassel, here’s what I do: I want to go with a team that has a chance to win. Who are those team? Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay — both could be in the playoff this year — and one other team I’d call … how about the arch rival, the New York Jets? That’s right, good football team, new stadium, [they] pay their players well, and Brett Favre may not come back — they’ll need a starting quarterback. That would really add a lot to that rivalry.

And guess what? Next year’s opening game? Matt Cassel and Tom Brady. We could see that.

They’re right about that; that’s certainly a match-up the NFL would exploit for all it’s worth. But the best thing we can take away from this speculation is that people are seemingly no longer considering the option that the Pats get rid of Brady in favor of spending their money on Cassel. You know, because that would be ridiculously stupid.

Wherever Cassel ends up going, the one thing we know for sure is that whoever signs him to an enormous long-term contract is going to be very, very disappointed.

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