Could John Madden Make a Return to the Raiders?

It’s easy for younger generations to forget that before football analyst John Madden was a video game legend and a bumbling, blustering self-parody on NFL broadcasts, he was a Super Bowl-winning head coach with the Oakland Raiders from 1969-78. Younger generations would also be forgiven for forgetting that the Raiders once contended for Super Bowl titles with some regularity. Recent quality of work aside, Madden is clearly a man who has forgotten more about professional football than most of us could ever hope to know.

John Madden Al Davis

That said, it was surprising to see speculation in today’s SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE suggesting that Madden, who just retired from the TV booth, could be returning to the team that made him famous, the Oakland Raiders, and his old boss, Al Davis.

Al Davis loves his Raider retreads, much more than he apparently loves winning. We’re talking about the same old coot who rehired Art Shell as head coach after a 12-year exile from head coaching and hired innkeeper Tom Walsh as Raiders offensive coordinator, so the CHRONICLE might be onto something here. Take heart, Raiders fans - at least Madden isn’t being considered for general manager:

At age 73, Madden may not want to become a full-fledged general manager type who runs the football operations. Then again, Davis has shown no signs of giving up that role. With that in mind, Madden may fit better as a consultant who gives advice that Davis will trust and respect.

Oh, right, he’s the general manager. Maybe a little infusion of youth in the Raiders front office is just what they need, after all.