Cougar Den Mother Guards Players From Groupies

Part of the minor league baseball support system for many decades have been the extraordinarily generous people that open their homes to ballplayers as a place to stay during their tumultuous early careers. Healthy meals are cooked; clothes are washed; comfort is offered. Oh, and minor league baseball groupies are chased off the front steps:

Jenn Sterger Alyssa Milano

(”Girls are willing to do almost anything. I’ve banned some of them from my house.”)

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE chronicles the life of one of these den mothers for the Kane County Cougars, Pam Rasmussen. (She’s the ban-ner above.) The young men require extensive help sometimes (Latin players learning English, offering encouragement, beating the girls off with sticks, etc.), but she makes the time for dozens of them (including Miguel Cabrera).

While we love these stories of selflessness, we also wish to remind all involved that Major League Baseball profits from their volunteer labor by not having to pay a living wage to most minor league players. So bless you, Pam Rasmussen, but we do wish your service wasn’t necessary.