“Cougar” Denies Tiger Affair To Palm Beach Post

Jose Lambiet of the PALM BEACH POST has a follow on Theresa Rogers, the South Florida “cougar” being touted as one of Tiger Woods‘ alleged extramarital lovers.

Theresa Rogers Alleged Mistress Of Tiger Woods

(Dude, Mac Davis must be pissed)

A single mom of a teen daughter, Theresa Rogers, 47, told me last week that she was flattered when I called to inquire about rumors she’d had a fling with Woods. But she said that she had no idea what I was talking about. After all, she pointed out, she is much older than the fallen icon.

Rogers: “I don’t know why that rumor is out there. Seems like a lot of women are getting these calls. I’m just trying to sell my jewelry.”

Right, that’s why she hired Gloria Allred. (Ca-Ching! Not that I’m implying that Mr. Woods. and Ms. Rogers have transacted business of any kind since Ms. Allred was hired.)


Friends of Rogers described her to Page2Live as a dead-ringer of Rachel Uchitel, the first woman identified as a Woods’ galpal and a member of Palm Beach blue-blood clan.

“She’s told her neighbor and other people about her long-term relationship with Woods,” a source said. “She’s shown people text messages. She’s bragged about teaching Tiger a few things in the bedroom, back when he was younger.”

If the collagen-tastic lips and regrettable dye job from her pic is any indication, she is indeed is right there with Uchitel. Along with the, in my opinion, hollow denial.

If there was nothing to the original RadarOnline report naming her as a mistress of Woods, Rogers wouldn’t have hired Allred. Her denial and her counsel are direct contradictions. So she may have more than one thing in common with Uchitel, who Gerald Posner yesterday reported made off with up to $5M for spiking voicemails of Woods.