Cougar Aniston Now Prowling For David Wright?

It’s pretty good to be David Wright these days. He’s got millions of dollars, Mets fans love him, and he never has to deal with being all over the back page of the POST and DAILY NEWS because of A-Rod and Derek Jeter.

Jennifer Aniston and David Wright

He has also apparently caught the eye of the newly-single Jennifer Aniston, who recently broke up with John Mayer. I mean, if a British tabloid called NOW says she’s interested, it must be true, right? According to Jen’s “friend” (the ‘Deep Throat’ of the gossip world), she has become intrigued with the idea of dating an athlete ever since seeing the “passionate” relationship between A-Rod and Madonna. Yuck.

NOW clearly has no idea what it’s talking about, but it perhaps speaks volumes about Wright’s status that he’s mentioned before Jeter in a list of eligible sports bachelors in New York:

A current favourite is US baseball player David Wright, 26, who’s in hot demand thanks to his bachelor status, £30 million contract and all-American good looks…She says David’s her exact physical type, right down to his boyish smile.

Mayer was young enough as it is, but if Aniston is eyeing Wright, she has officially been promoted to cougar status.

NOW goes on to say that Sean Avery is also a possibility, but the hockey hoodlum says he’s not interested in Ross Geller’s sloppy seconds.

As for why Jen’s focusing her attention on an athlete, here’s what another rock-solid “source” says:

Jen’s keen to try her luck with a professional athlete while she’s in New York. She thinks it would be less complicated than dating an actor.

‘This might be the best way for her to find a real match that can last because clearly dating rockers, models and movie stars hasn’t worked out very well for her.’

Just wait a while, garbage collectors. She’ll get to you eventually.