Cotton Bowl Hoping To Be Brought Into BCS

COTTON BOWL TRYING TO SPIN WAY BACK INTO BCS CYCLE: Once a cherished post-season destination, the Cotton Bowl has become an afterthought in the days of the BCS. Now the bowl’s organizers want to be brought back into the big-money fold:

Cotton Bowl

Brian Davis of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS reports how the Cotton Bowl Committee has been trumpeting their future move to the Cowboys’ new stadium in Arlington - hoping to grab the BCS’ attention with the better venue.

Chances for the Cotton Bowl to become part of the BCS depend on if the coalition wants to tweak their bowl formula yet again. Davis believes decisions will be made based on how well New Orleans organizers can handle both the Sugar Bowl and the BCS Championship within the same week.

Cotton Bowl action

Davis writes, “If Sugar Bowl officials fall on their faces, BCS commissioners may realize that a fifth game is necessary. If they execute two games in flawless fashion, the Cotton Bowl could be left on the sideline.”