Cornrow Era Officially Over: Iverson Shaves Braids

Remember the short-lived “throwback jersey” era of hip-hop? That was cool for a while, until Jay-Z completely guillotined it on “What More Can I Say,” telling people “I don’t wear jerseys, I’m 30-plus.” You don’t see too many people wearing jerseys anymore; when you do, it’s usually doughy white people and the players on the jerseys suck. So iif Jay-Z - who was never really part of the throwback scene to begin with - can kill off jerseys with one line, imagine what the NBA’s going to look like in a month now that Allen Iverson just shaved his braids.

Iverson Haircut

Forget the dunk contest and HORSE; the freshly shorn Iverson was the real “buzz”* of Phoenix yesterday. Let’s get this straight, Iverson brought cornrows to the NBA, and sorry Rip Hamilton, he’s taking them away now. Hey, it was a good run, 10 or 11 years. After the jump, an interview with Alley I, where he credits his kids and you-know-who for the change.

Look, you might think it’s cliche to rep Obama and change, but honestly, don’t you think the fact that the new leader of the free world just so happens to rock the world’s tightest caesar isn’t lost on Iverson? You can say “f*ck society” or you can say “change society,” and it looks like Iverson’s on the right side of that equation for the first time in years.

Now that Iverson’s got hair for grown-ups, we gotta talk about the tattoos. We’re not saying they all have to go; that’d be ridiculous. They’re every bit a part of Iverson’s identity as his hair was, and they represent a whole lot more of what’s important to him than some silly hairstyle that looked like the underside of a Michelin ever could. But if he’s going to make any change to them, please, let it be the ink on his neck. Nothing says “hi I went to prison for aggravated assault and I make $6.75 an hour in a kitchen” like getting someone’s name scripted onto the side of your neck.

And lastly, though Iverson pointed out that his family all approved of the haircut, well, of course they would. The real test is what happens when his peers, his All-Star teammates, see the new look for the first time.  The results were pretty awesome:

Yes, unidentified teammate. Allen Iverson, for once, is serious.

*I’m so sorry.