Corie Blount Gets One Year In Prison For Pot Bust

It was back in December when former NBA player Corie Blount got busted by the cops with a whole lot of pot.  The police had tailed him back to his house after witnessing him purchase 11 pounds of the demon weed and taking it back to his house, where the cops then found another 18 pounds of hippie gold.  Stoners everywhere laughed their ass off upon hearing about a guy named Blount getting busted for selling marijuana.  They would then forget about it 15 seconds later.

Corie Blount pot

Unfortunately for Blount, Johnny Law’s memory is much better and they didn’t forget to make him stand trial.  So it was earlier today in a Cincinnati court room in which Blount was given a year in prison for his dalliance in the drug dealing world.


Blount was sentenced today by Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge Craig Hedric. He could have been sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

While not giving Blount the maximum sentence, Hedric rejected Blount’s claims that the marijuana was intended for personal use and to share with friends at a planned party.

“Cheech and Chong would have had a hard time smoking that much,” Hedric told Blount.

And with that Judge Hedric has just given Cheech and Chong a whole new movie idea.  “Cheech and Chong Smoke All Of Corie Blount’s Weed.” Blount will be played by Snoop Dogg.

A year in prison is only part of Blount’s sentence, as he’ll also lose the $34,000 and two cars that were seized during his original bust, along with being fined an additional $10,000.  That doesn’t even include the estimated street value of $52,200 of the weed the police took from him.

Once he gets out of prison he’ll also have to spend 250 hours doing community service, which would probably be a great place for him to find a bunch of new customers and start earning his money back.   Most of those new customers will probably play for the Bengals, so it shouldn’t take too long for Blount to get back on his feet.

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