Corey Dillon Ripped Off For 500K By Repair Shop?

I think all of us at some point in our lives have been duped into giving somebody some money that wasn’t exactly used the way we thought it would be. But for most of us, that means the five bucks we gave to that guy who said he needed a bus ride to Utah actually went to get him a six pack of Schlitz. It’s one of those life lessons you learn when you’re like 22.

Corey Dillon Ferrari

Former NFL running back Corey Dillon apparently didn’t learn this lesson, though. Dillon dropped off his Ferrari at an auto repair shop that wasn’t even authorized to work on Ferraris, and somehow in the process he ended up “investing” $470,000 in the shop, which of course was used on things like booze and hamburgers and not on the business. How did he get from dropping his car off for repairs to losing a half million dollars?

TMZ found a lawsuit that was filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court. Here’s what Dillon says went down:

Dillon dropped his 2005 Ferrari F430 off at an auto repair shop to get a twin-turbo system added to his whip in May 2007 — but Dillon claims the guys never told him they weren’t officially authorized to work on Ferraris.

Long story short — Dillon claims he agreed to drop $55,000 in repairs, but while the guys were working on this car, the people who ran the company duped the running back into investing around $470,000 into their business.

While I’m sure that Dillon is some sort of victim here, don’t you think there might’ve been a red flag or two that popped up in all of this? Like this:

After he wrote the check, things got bad — Dillon claims he was supposed to get his car back 6 months after he dropped it off, but 14 months later, the NFL star claims the work hadn’t been done.

OK, now I understand that there may be some sort of wait for Ferrari parts and all that, but six months? Really? To fix a car?

As for the money he supposedly invested in the business, here’s where Dillon claims it went:

Corey claims the shop owners blew it on stupid stuff like “fast food, perfume, liquor, groceries and gasoline.”

That’s a pretty impressive variety of expenditures. That’s also a lot of Whoppers.

I’m sure there will be much more on this in the coming weeks.