Cora To Jail, Gasol To L.A., Pats To Patent Office

SbB hopes everyone had a happy and healthy Groundhog Eve.

Alex Cora is heading to jail due to a DUI in 1999.

SbB Girls Alex & Cora

(SbB Girls Alex [L] & Cora [R])

Personally, we find our own Alex (&) Cora much more arresting.

Pau Gasol motors out of Memphis for La-La-Land.

Bill to have twice the fun with both Beli-Chicks attending the Super Bowl.

• The Patriots are going after the perfect trademark.

• But if the Giants somehow win on Sunday, shouldn’t the victory parade be in Jersey?

Michael Wilbon receives a special get-well message - from Jeff George.

Jeff George Michael Wilbon

Mike Piazza’s dad had to sadly sell off one of his family’s treasures - ownership in a strip club.

• It’s a relief to draw up Osi Umenyiora in Etch-A-Sketch form.

Tom Brady’s personal barber says he did him on Tuesday.

• ESPN anchor is sorry for saying “wife-beater” on-air. Chris Berman is enraged.