Cops: Pryor “Threatened” Hi-School Hoops Crowd

AWESOME TIME reports that last weekend holdout high school football recruit Terrelle Pryor had an Artest-esque episode with fans during a high school basketball playoff game:

Terrelle Pryor and 5 White Kids

“Despite scoring 24 points, along with 21 rebounds, seven blocks and six assists to lead Jeannette to a tense overtime victory, Pryor became rattled as the game progressed. He began jawing at the opposing crowd, only inciting them further and leading to the ejection of two South Fayette students. However, it wasn’t until the game concluded that things got really interesting.”

The WASHINGTON (PA) OBSERVER-REPORTER notes that “As dumb as [the ejected South Fayette students] were, Pryor topped them after Jeannette pulled away in the overtime. He continued his dialogue with fans. Then, after postgame handshakes, Pryor immediately went toward the student section. Following a ridiculous, prolonged exchange, Pryor’s teammates intervened. Why they didn’t stop him before is unknown. Why his coaches allowed it to happen is an even greater injustice.

Officials escorted Pryor and Jeannette toward the locker room, where the two teams were side by side. That’s when a Jeannette assistant exited the Jayhawks’ locker and complained about the conduct of the South Fayette students. That’s something he had a right to do. One officer, however, did not appreciate the direction of the conversation. He was present when Pryor accosted the South Fayette fans. ’You’re lucky we didn’t take your kid (Pryor) in,’ the officer said. ‘He threatened to go into the crowd.’

The above exchange proves one thing about Terrelle Pryor: he picked the wrong sport.