Cops: Ex-Rugby Star Turns Killer’s Face To Mush

More proof that rugby players might be the toughest athletes in the world: even their ex-athletes turned criminals are more hardcore than in the US. Witness the case of former New Zealand professional rugby player Mike Edwards: the WELLINGTON DOMINION POST reports that he has been charged with beating a convicted murderer to a pulp and leaving him for dead. Which is a lot more impressive (in a Quentin Tarantino sort of way) than getting sent up the river for dog fighting.

Rugby star turned convict Mike Edwards

Police allege that Edwards kidnapped Michael Sneller and beat him with a shotgun until he was unconscious and then left him in the trunk of a car. Sneller had previously been convicted of murder in 1983 after beating a businessman to death in what was described then as “a classic gangland burglary, beating and killing.”

Edwards played more than 100 top-level professional games in New Zealand, and his rough style and appearance earned him the nickname Tyson. That, and the fact that he once served a six-game suspension after he bit an opponent’s arm in what he claimed was self-defense. (It seems like it was about 50/50 as to if he or his namesake would be arrested and charged with attempted murder first.)

Maybe he could use that defense in this case as well: claim that he was just minding his own business, walking down the road to the gun club to do some clay pigeon shooting, when Sneller came at him out of nowhere. What could he do but wail away on him with his shotgun until he was unconscious?

To give an idea of how scary a guy Sneller is, think about this: his original murder trial was the first in his country’s history where witnesses had to be protected by the police. The only thing more frightening than him is the guy willing to mess with him in the first place.