Cop Who Harassed NFLer REALLY Likes His Job

The Wiz tipped me today to the Myspace page of Dallas Police Officer Robert Powell. He’s the guy who was last seen harassing NFLer Ryan Moats and wife Tamishia as they attempted to visit a dying relative in the hospital.

Officer Robert Powell Tattoo From His Myspace Page

(That’s it. I’m finally splurging on SbB neck ink)

From his behavior on the traffic stop video, I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. Powell might take his job a little too seriously.

His Myspace profile photo (above) might also give one that impression.

While the Myspace account is private, Powell does have a now-abandoned personal account that provides us with possible foreshadowing of last week’s shakedown.

He stopped updating the account in 2006, which happened to be when he embarked on his now-celebrated career as a Peace Officer. But thankfully he left this prophetic prose intact:

I did have to fight a lady a little yesturday, lucky for her she didnt start until after the cuffs were on, cause then she would have more than just a little pain around the rists.

But it was hard because her 7 year old daughter was near by and had to watch, and we didnt like that at all. I wrote a few more tickets, nothing good like passing a bus, but I did get to drive with a releif trainer.

I like to drive fast. I also got to work my first accident. One was a Mustang, and the other a Kia Rio. The girl in the Kia was cute, but a bit young. I even got to hold traffic back in the car as I got in position to start working.

Fighting a woman in handcuffs while her 7-year-old daughter watched? Nice to see he learned his lesson last week.