Cooties! Raleigh Men Won’t Play Woman In Tennis

Here’s Nancy Griffin, a member of the City of Raleigh (NC) men’s tennis league. Yeah, some time ago she stopped playing in the women’s league because there was no real competition for her there. But when she signed up for the men’s ladder and began kicking their asses, feathers started ruffling. She suddenly found that a lot of the men were finding reasons they couldn’t play her.

Nancy Griffin

“God says it’s a sin to play against wom … um, I mean, I just remembered I forgot to groom my water buffalo. Sorry.” Tiring of this, and smarting from a new league policy that lets players reschedule to avoid meeting her on the court, Griffin is fighting back the American way; by suing the city.

Griffin, who was ranked among North Carolina’s top female players in 1993 and ‘94 by the U.S. tennis Association, is suing the city for $10,000, alleging discrimination and emotional distress.

Griffin petitioned the city to let her back onto the men’s ladder, gathering 300 signatures, including 20 from men on the ladder.

Raleigh tennis officials relented and let her play.

That winter, though, the excuses began.

“One said he had a jealous wife, and he couldn’t play females,” Griffin said. “Another said he heard I made people run too much.”

The rules were subsequently changed again, allowing the men to duck her. Although league officials say they don’t think anyone is canceling due to her sex.

Griffin even tried signing up for a men’s tournament in the nearby town of Cary, but was told she could only play in the co-ed division.

Look, we’re way to litigious as it is, and this is not the way. My advice to Griffin is to take out a large ad in the sports section of the NEWS & OBSERVER, listing the name and photo of every guy who avoids playing her. Give them colorful nicknames such as “Mangina” and “Light in the Loafers,” and let public opinion take its course.

Come on, so-called men of Raleigh, N.C. Would Andy Griffith avoid playing Helen Crump? Would Barney duck Thelma Lou? Embrace women the way that your leading politicians do.