Ex-Vols QB Arrested For Invading Woman’s Bed

Knoxville, Tennessee, has a problem. No, it’s not the age-old question of what to do with the Sunsphere, or the struggles to find prosperity after the decline of the manufacturing sector. Well, true, those are problems that are facing or have faced Knoxville (the set of 1987 World Book Encyclopedias in the SbB research library isn’t clear on that), but they’re not important right now.

Jim Bob Cooter

No, the problem facing Knoxville right now is much worse than that: Out-of-control Cooters. Well, actually just one out-of-control Cooter: former Vols QB Jim Bob Cooter, who was arrested for going to bed last night … in a random woman’s bed … while she was in it … (and here’s the kicker:) without her permission.

Jim Bob, who inexplicably doesn’t use his given name of James Robert, was also a grad assistant for the UT Volunteers in 2007. Last Friday, however, he attempted to provide a little unwanted graduate assistance, according to WBIR.COM:

Former UT quarterback Jim Bob Cooter was arrested Friday night, on an aggravated burglary charge. Police found him in a bed.

Knoxville Police were called to a home on Franklin Station Way, in the Fort Sanders area. When officers arrived, they heard the caller screaming. They busted into the home, and saw the woman running out of her bedroom, screaming that a burglar was in her room.

Inside, they said they found former UT quarterback Jim Bob Cooter in the woman’s bed.

This marks perhaps the first time in history we have been horrified to hear about finding a Cooter in a woman’s bed.