Cool? McNamee Hawking Clemens Crap On Ebay

At first blush, the BOSTON HERALD’s story of Brian McNamee selling Roger Clemens memorabilia he accrued over the years might seem a little unseemly.

Clemens Crap On Ebay

(Buy In Now - and we’ll throw in dried blood on a beer can!)

But when you hear the whole story, you’ll be behind it (bad pun) 100%.

At least some good may come out of Roger Clemens’ ill-fated friendship with Brian McNamee. The steroid stoolie is selling his Rocket memorabilia on eBay to raise money for juvenile diabetes.

“He has a bunch of pictures signed by Roger and Andy Pettitte, and we also had Brian sign them,” said Phil Castinetti of SportsWorld in Everett, who is peddling the stuff for McNamee. “You know how Roger signs “Cy 7” after his name for his seven Cy Young awards? Brian signed “Ly 0” after his name - as in zero lies.”

Not all that clever, but effective.

The big disappointment though in the story is that none of that gross stuff McNamee turned over to the Feds (needles, bloody gauze pads) are included in the sale.

Luis Gonzalez Used Gum

If someone can sell Gonzo’s used gum on the same auction site for $10K, why not Clemens’ chewed-up, encased bloody a** wipe?

In all seriousness, we’re not so sure America has an insatiable appetite for memorabilia featuring your current most disgraced major league baseball player. But since it’s for a good cause, we hope we’re wrong.

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