Convicted Steroids Dealer Found Dead In TX Home

A convicted steroids dealer who had been working with the NFL over some players’ suspected drug use has been found dead in his Texas home.

David Jacobs steroids supplier found dead

THE SCORES REPORT passes along news from the DALLAS MORNING NEWS that police discovered the bodies of David Jacobs and his girlfriend in his Plano, Texas, home Thursday morning. The NEW YORK TIMES adds that the 35-year-old Jacobs and 30-year-old Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell were both found to have been shot to death.

Jacobs had been cooperating with NFL officials after being charged last year with manufacturing & distributing performance-enhancing drugs. He previously said that he supplied two NFL players with steroids & HGH who then distributed the drugs to other players.

While meeting with league officials back on May 21, Jacobs passed along “documentary evidence” on players who may be & have been using the banned substances.

Police are still investigating the shootings, not yet determining if the deaths were a double homicide or murder-suicide. Could it be that Jacobs couldn’t handle the pressure anymore, or was someone trying to silence David permanently?

We always knew that steroids was bad stuff to get into, but not this bad.