Husker Fan Gives Up Rose Bowl For Meal w/Corso

Which would you rather do - go on an all-expenses paid trip to the Rose Bowl, or host a barbecue with Lee Corso and pals? Well, if you’re Nelva Deeke of Hubbell, Nebraska, you get grilling with the Gameday crew.

Lee Corso eating at Hooters

(Lee had his own suggestions on where to eat)

The SCOTTSBLUFF STAR-HERALD cooks up the story of Deeke’s decision to turn down a free fight to Pasadena just so she could share some corn on the cob with Chris Folwer and some cole slaw with Kirk Herbstreit.

Last season, Nelva had won a contest from ESPN’s “College Gameday” show, in which the big prize was a choice between the Rose Bowl trip or lunch with Lee & friends. She explains why she selected the latter:

“I could’ve gotten tickets, with all the amenities, to the Rose Bowl, but since Nebraska wasn’t playing, I decided not to use that one.”

Makes sense to Husker fans, but it’s complete idiocy to college football fans in the other 49 states. She could have at least gone just to boo USC.

Anyway, not only did Nelva pass up a free trio to L.A., she didn’t even get to host the barbecue. Instead, Deeke & seven of her friends were picked up by limo & driven to Lincoln for the luncheon.

You may question her decision, but Nelva was happy with it. She was quite complimentary of the ESPN trio’s tableside manner, saying, “They acted just like you or I, like if you were talking to a neighbor.” But she was most entertained by Corso and all his recollections:

“He said on ‘College GameDay,’ they put up a screen behind them, and if Nebraska fans don’t like what they said about Nebraska, they’d throw cornstalks at the screen, and they’d have to repair it,” she said, chuckling.

How corny.


Well, it seemed like Nelva had a very enjoyable time. It’s not like she missed a great game, anyway.