Confirmed: Mark Cuban Still A Complete Dumbass

DEADSPIN editor (and noted author) Will Leitch has a feature piece on Mark Cuban for Gawker Media site VALLEYWAG today. Leitch interviewed Cuban recently, and was given an earful for Deadspin posting pics of Cuban getting a lap dance (in a major shock, Cuban wasn’t good-natured about it).

Mark Cuban Deadspin Lapdance

Highlight: “At one point, I asked Cuban about his interest in buying the Chicago Cubs. I already knew what his answer would be; I’d recently spoken to baseball sources for a story for New York magazine that made it clear Cuban, no matter how many billions he had, would never be allowed into the grey-haired old-fashioned clique of baseball owners. The guy has no chance. But, if just to promote himself as a tilter toward windmills, he stayed strong.”

Cuban’s response: “Don’t count me out yet. Don’t count me out. All [baseball owners] have to do is call other NBA owners, and there are NBA owners who are part owners of Major League Baseball teams, who see me in the meetings. They know me beyond what the media write and how websites like Deadspin characterize me. They know that I contribute as a partner. I hope, along with the money, that that’s the important thing.

Notice the Deadspin jab? Yeah, that’s the reason old money dunderheads like Jerry Reinsdorf won’t let Cuban into pro sports’ version of Caddyshack’s Bushwood CC. It has nothing to do with you being a complete a$$hole.