Confirmed: Lute Olson’s Ex-Wife Is Certifiably Nuts

Tucson’s ARIZONA DAILY STAR chronicles the positively bizarre behavior of Lute Olson’s ex-wife on the day Olson announced his retirement, reporting she “threatened the coach’s doctor by placing a sheet ridden with bullet holes in his office, according to a restraining order granted against Christine Olson on Tuesday.

Lute Christine Olson

(Who’s the crazy one now?)

Dr. Steven D. Knope requested the order and it was granted by judge Susan Bacal.

Knope will have to get in line on this one though, as Ms. Olson has previously made dark threats to another party. Namely Lute himself!

In the aftermath of the couple’s divorce, Lute called a radio show in Tucson back in April and said, “I’ve been told (by Christine’s side) that, ‘I’m going to ruin your reputation. You’re gonna be a dead man in this town.’ These are direct quotes …

When it comes Dr. Knope, the DAILY STAR reports she got a little more creative:

According to court documents, Christine Olson called Knope’s office on three occasions Oct. 23 looking to speak to him, but was told he was busy with patients.
Around 3 p.m., she arrived at the medical office and “behaved in a threatening manner” to staff members, according to the order.
After waiting 20 minutes, she walked past the reception area and to Knope’s office, according to court documents. Upon entering the office, she placed a target practice sheet on his desk chair. It contained 25 bullet holes in the paper head and body, the report said.

Why the heck would she do all that? Well Knope claimed in court documents that Ms. Olson has claimed in the past that the doctor “destroyed her marriage.

Knope was also the man who presided over Olson’s press conference and apparently was instrumental in getting the coach to retire.

All I can say is I wouldn’t want to be Kevin O’Neill right about now.