Confirmed: Auburn Has Spent $170,000 On Newton

Jon Solomon of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS reports today that Auburn University has - so far - spent $170,000 on behalf of Cam Newton.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

Those would be attorney fees in the quest to maintain Newton’s eligibilty for the completed 2010-11 season.

Sam Franklin Auburn Lead Attorney In Newton Case Repping Robert Geddie In FBI Case

(Same lawyer for Cam is Pat Dye, Bobby Lowder personal attorney)


Auburn University says it has spent approximately $170,000 in attorney fees on the Cam Newton case during the past 4 months.

Auburn Senior Associate Athletics Director Scott Carr said Tuesday the fees started in mid-October and have all gone to Lightfoot, Franklin, White LLC, the university’s Birmingham-based legal counsel.

Auburn provided the information in response to an open-records request by The Birmingham News.

Those costs could continue, as SEC Commissioner Mike Slive confirmed to ESPN’s Chris Low yesterday that the NCAA investigation into Newton’s recruitment may indeed remain open. Slive:

“You’re going to have to ask them, but nobody has written me a letter that says it’s over.”

As I reported in December, Lightfoot, Franklin and White partner Sam Franklin is also the attorney representing Auburn booster and Board of Trustees member Bobby Lowder in his legal issues relating to the multi-billion dollar failure of Colonial Bank.

Photo: Bobby Lowder at BCS Championship Game

Franklin is also representing Auburn booster and alumnus Robert Geddie, who as a political lobbyist was reportedly paid up to $1 million by the Auburn Athletics fund Tigers Unlimited for his lobbying services for the university.

Last October Geddie was one of 11 individuals indicted by the federal government on multiple political corruption charges after a lengthy FBI investigation that included extensive wiretaps.

That trial is due to start on April 4 in Alabama.

Additionally, Franklin was Auburn’s counsel against the NCAA in the early ’90s when then-head football coach Pat Dye was caught on tape offering a dubious “loan” to Auburn football player Eric Ramsey from Lowder’s Colonial Bank.

Dye was eventually forced to resign because of such activity.

To this day, Franklin remains Dye’s personal lawyer.

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