Condo Building Installs Elevator To Lure Jordan

Michael Jordan recently bought the top floor of a downtown Charlotte condo building for $3,147,616. The dwelling’s penthouse level was previously made up of two units, which Jordan is joining together. List price for the units combined was $3.4 million.

Michael Jordan The Trust In Charlotte

This is Jordan’s first permanent residence in Charlotte, which is (apparently) another sign of his increased commitment to the city after buying the local NBA franchise.

But what exactly sold him on his new North Carolina abode, which previously served as a bank building and is now called “The Trust”?

Before Jordan closed on the two penthouse properties last Monday, the CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL reported in July:

Sources tell TT Michael Jordan is buying the entire seventh floor of the building. Jordan joins Bobcats forward Boris Diaw in the building, the brainchild of Jim Donnelly in a massive renovation of a former bank building at Fourth and South Tryon.

Should MJ decide to trade Diaw, he won’t face any awkward elevator rides. Contractor Cox Schepp has started $1 million in renovations of the 7,250-square-foot unit that will include a private elevator.

Translation: Donnelly built the elevator to get Jordan to buy in.

A hefty investment but well worth it now that the news is out about Jordan’s commitment to the condo community.


The attractiveness of the association from a sales perspective and the liklihood residents in Charlotte are less likely to mind being neighbors with Jordan than those residing in celeb-filled abodes in L.A. or The Apple.

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