Conan O\’Brien Faces Serena Williams in Wii Tennis Match

SERENA NO MATCH FOR CONAN O’BRIEN IN Wii TENNIS SET: As Serena Williams sets her sights on regaining the top ranking in women’s tennis, the slamming star still has one nemesis on her mind - Conan O’Brien:

Conan O'Brien Serena Williams

DAILY MOTION comes across footage of Serena’s epic encounter with the late night talk show host. O’Brien said he always wanted to play against the star, and had the chance when she appeared on his show.

But since his studio was too small to hold court, Conan challenged Serena to a match using the Nintendo Wii video game system.

As the pair strutted over to the screen, O’Brien ripped off his suit to reveal a very revealing tennis outfit - a white shirt and short shorts for all the audience and millions at home to see.

Conan O'Brien Serena WIlliams tennis

Serena was taken aback at Conan’s preparation, laughingly saying, “You’re intimidating me!

The short-pants plan worked perfectly, as O’Brien was able to defeat Williams in a tight game, grunting his way with each serve that would make Martina Hingis proud.

You’re next, Venus.