Compliance Helping Educate Alabama’s Team?

In an April 27, 2011, interview with Aaron Wilson of, Julio Jones talked about his football future after leaving the Alabama football program.

Julio Jones Yukon Denali on ESPN Special

Wilson’s last question to Jones: “What’s your goal off the field?


“I want to be financially stable, first of all. I don’t want to be one of those guys that’s broke after they leave the league. I want to take care of my mom. She has done so much for me and my brother growing up. She works at KFC. Before that, she worked at Church’s Chicken for a long time. It’s time for her to take a break.”

After noting the low-paying jobs of his mother, is it unreasonable to wonder how Jones was able to obtain the use - ownership or otherwise - of a tricked-out, custom-painted Yukon Denali with spinning rims seen in a 2010 ESPN documentary about the Alabama football team?

Even if Jones didn’t buy the vehicle, is it unreasonable to observe that he was provided use of the vehicle and/or an overly favorable loan or sale price for the SUV because of his football playing ability at Alabama?

Ray Reitz

And from the events of the past nine months, it appears Jones’ mother may have kept her accountant a smidge busier had her son discovered the wonderment of body ink - like a certain quarterback once known to reside in Columbus.

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