Pats P.O.’ed Over Shirts Celebrating Brady Bruiser

When death and destruction rain down, you just know someone’s going to find a way to exploit it shamelessly for profit: It’s the American way. So it’s not surprising that the entrepreneurial spirit hit after Tom Brady got knocked out for the year. In this case, it’s a little company called Believe Merch, who are printing out “Bernard Pollard Fan Club” T-shirts.

Bernard Pollard fan club T-shirt

Pollard - who’s actual nickname is “The Bonecrusher” - is the young tyke who ran into Tom Brady’s leg last week, ending his, the Patriots, and about 5 million fantasy team seasons in the process.

And as you can imagine, certain members of the Pats aren’t too pleased with the tees. (That totally rhymes!)


Patriots cornerback Ellis Hobbs told the Boston Globe he can’t believe people can be so thoughtless.

“It amazes me, shocks me every time,” said Hobbs. “It gets lower and lower. Where is it going to stop? But, it is what it is. We know what we do every day, we know how hard we work and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what anyone else think.”

We’re going to go ahead and admit that, well, we kind of like the T-shirts. Sure, they’re exploitative, but c’mon, it’s not like Brady is Dan Marino, still yearning to taste that first Super Bowl victory. This dude’s done it all, including Gisele Bundchen, so sorry if it’s tough to feel sympathetic.

Honestly, what non-Patriots fan among us didn’t feel a tinge of happiness when he hit the ground? Now that he’s out, every other team has a much greater chance at winning. If anything, that just goes to show you how much respect he deserves. Well, deserved.

In any case, our shirt’s already in the mail.

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