Comedy Central Shows Sports Media What Funny Is With Raffi Torres Interview

COMEDY CENTRAL SHOWS SPORTS MEDIA WHAT FUNNY IS: SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY tips us off to the rarest of finds, something sports-related on TV that is intentionally funny (we’re conditioned to the other kind of cackle when watching Emmitt Smith on ESPN).

SBD: “In a report for Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’ reporter Dan Bakkedahl reported on Mexican immigration, not to the U.S., but to Canada. Bakkedahl interviewed Oilers LW Raffi Torres, who is of Mexican descent, but was born in Toronto. When meeting with Torres, Bakkedahl used a Spanish translator but stopped using her when Torres responded in English with a Canadian accent.

Raffi Torres Comedy Central Jon Stewart

Bakkedahl: “He’s the most feared kind of professional hockey player: Mexican.” (the Torres part starts at 1:45)