(Comedian) Reggie Bush: “I Hate The Paparazzi”

We’ve all seen the photos of Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian the past few months, but we haven’t really heard either go on the record about the relationship. So Arash Markazi of SI today finally got the down-low from Bush and the booted-and-suited one.

Reggie Bush Kim Kardashian

They both offer up platitudes on their fleeting romance, but Bush’s reaction to being stalked by photogs is priceless: “I hate the paparazzi. I honestly do. She knows I don’t like it, but it comes with the territory. I deal with it. It doesn’t make me view her any different, it’s part of her life and so you just deal with it, but I hate it. I don’t like it all. When I’m not with her, they don’t care about me, when I’m with her they’re all over us.

If you know Bush the way we know Bush, you understand that he doesn’t hate the paparazzi because they “are all over us”.

He hates the paparazzi because of what he said in the quote: “When I’m not here, they don’t care about me.”

He wants to be the star at all times. This is the same Bush who demanded security guards escort him around when he was still playing at USC. And the same Bush who turned down autograph requests from guys like former USC All-American wideout John Jackson (who wanted it for his son).

And of course, the same Bush who allegedly oversaw his parents taking $200,000 cash from fake agents (of that, around $40K for himself - allegedly).

Kim Kardashian

Finally, if he hates the paparazzi so much, WHY IS HE DATING KIM KARDASHIAN? Think they’ll be getting married soon?