Comeback Chris Henry: “I’m a Really Good Guy”

In a major move to get his priorities straight, Chris Henry went on the radio yesterday and talked about coming back to the NFL. Henry was recently released from the Bengals after a UC student had the gall to accuse Henry of punching him in the head and damaging his car.

Chris Henry


“I think it would be better to move on to another city, a fresh start, new team, new environment,” Henry told Sporting News Radio. “I’m really a good guy. Just got caught up in a few bad situations. … I’m a father now. Got two kids, a little girl and a little boy. It ain’t all about me no more. It’s about my family.”

There’s just one small detail about that comeback though.

Henry is under house arrest after his latest “little” incident and wears a monitoring anklet. But thanks to an enabler (Hamilton County Municipal Court Judge Richard Bernat), “Henry may be released from court-ordered electronic monitoring and house arrest so he can try out for NFL teams.

So take that as a warning, Cowboys fans and fine citizens of the Metroplex.