Comcast Blog Show Has Me Feeling That Much More Sports Substantial

BLOG SHOW HAS ME FEELING MORE SPORTS SUBSTANTIAL: AOL’s Jamie Mottram and the WASHINGTON POST’s Dan Steinberg’s Blog Show on Comcast is back and this time the duo dump so much unfiltered sports gossip on my brain that I’m now reconsidering that Tulsa sports radio morning show producer job offer.

Blog Show Comcast Jamie Mottram Dan Steinberg

My personal highlights: Mottram’s Ron Mexico-readied Aquafina bottle in the center of the set.

And Mottram’s “WWTSM” shirt:

Who Wants To Sex Mutombo T-Shirt

In case you don’t know, “WWTSM” stands for “Who wants to sex Mutombo?”:

Who Wants To Sex Mutombo T-Shirt

The phrase was allegedly uttered by Mutombo to Georgetown students during his college days (see Hoya Har-Har!). I’m also pleased to report it is now a phrase that pays for our fine friends in the dirty pictures business.

If you aren’t among the fortunate millions on the East Coast where Comcast’s Blog Show is teevee compatible, plug into Mottram and Steinberg’s official sites to watch.