Comcast and Big Ten Network Finally Get Along?

Apparently, Comcast may be close to finally ending their deep and sadistic hatred of young men and women merely trying to get an education through the noble pursuit of athletic excellence. Also, it seems that the Big Ten could soon stop abusing their young wards by cruelly trying to turn their efforts into wads of cash to be spent wildly by heartless university officials.

Does Big Ten Network heart Comcast?

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All of this might happen, that is, if SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL accurately gauges the possibility that both sides will reach an agreement soon on carriage costs for Comcast to carry the Big Ten Network, ending the hopelessly overheated public rhetoric and underhanded tactics.

The BTN/Comcast negotiations have been marred by the same methods used by cable broadcasters and content providers in other negotiations. Big Cable hates little girls. People on message boards despise the Big Ten’s greed while hewing suspiciously close to the Comcast company line. The Big Ten wants everyone in America to pay more for cable. Comcast stole Pa’s chickens. Etc.

Of course, these reports of near-climax have been trickling out for months now, but this round of hope has been accompanied by an eerie public silence and new details about the possible agreement, including acquiescence from Comcast about forcing the network onto a premium sports tier of content.

Fear not, though, chaos fans. Time Warner and the Big Ten Network are nowhere near reaching a carriage deal, so there’s still corpse desecration and baby stealing to look forward to there.