Columnist Upset With ESPN Lack of Coverage of Sean Taylor Shooting

Leonard Shapiro of the WASHINGTON POST isn’t happy with ESPN’s coverage - or lack thereof - of the Sean Taylor shooting:

Sean Taylor ESPN

• Meanwhile, MY BRAIN SAYS RAGE remembers the slain Redskins safety.• And PART MULE presents a video tribute to Taylor.

• NEW HAMPSHIRE PRESIDENTIAL WATCH socks it to us, as Curt Schilling will be shilling for John McCain.

• WAGGLE ROOM takes a shine to these golden golf jackets-slash-Caesars Palace bellhop uniforms:

Gold golf jackets

• THE BIG LEAD isn’t laughing when Jay Mohr makes a joke about a baseball player’s death. (When it comes to Mohr, when is there ever an opportunity to laugh?)• THE BIG PICTURE gives a toast to Louisville forward Juan Palacios drinking up in Vegas.

• NATION OF ISLAM SPORTSBLOG croons about Sylvester Croom being their coach of the year.