Columnist: Parcells Deliberately Leaked Falcons Talks

SEEMS MR. P. MAY BE SUFFERING FROM LOW SELF-ESTEEM: columnist Michael Rosenberg claims that Bill Parcells leaked information deliberately to colleagues in the media about his conversations with the Falcons so he could get a better deal with the Dolphins.

Bill Parcells

Rosenberg: “Parcells leaked the story about his Falcons deal, forcing the Dolphins to pony up more cash. Then Parcells backed out of the agreement with Atlanta and has reportedly agreed to a four-year deal with Miami.“Rosenberg’s assertion certainly is a possibility. And he cities Parcells’ track record as reason to make the aformentioned assumption:

1. “In 1979, he took a job as the Giants’ linebackers coach. He then backed out, citing ‘personal reasons.’ So he stayed as the head coach at Air Force.

2. “Two days after winning the Super Bowl in 1987, Parcells was rumored to be a candidate for the Falcons’ coaching job.

3. “In 1991, after winning the Super Bowl for the second time, Parcells resigned in April, after the NFL draft. The Giants were forced to hire a replacement long after the off-season coaching carousel had stopped.”

4. “Parcells was supposed to come back to the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he backed out of a deal. Tampa Bay owner Hugh Culverhouse went on a Sunday pre-game show and said he felt ‘jilted at the altar.’

5. “After returning to the NFL with the Patriots, he negotiated behind the scenes to go to the Jets … while his team was making a Super Bowl run. His excuse was that owner Bob Kraft had usurped his designated chores by hiring a personnel guru to make draft picks.

6. “He publicly flirted with the Bucs again, while the best coach in Tampa history, Tony Dungy, led his team to yet another playoff berth.

7. “Last year, the Newark Star-Ledger reported that Parcells had expressed interest in the Giants’ open general manager position, even though Parcells was still under contract to the Cowboys at the time. Parcells played the witch-hunt card again.


We think Mr. Parcells is a just a little misunderstand, and suffering an acute case of low self-esteem. A little medication would probably clear that up. And some lipo-zap.