Brawl Between Brits, MLS Fans At Soccer Friendly

Yesterday the Columbus Crew of the MLS and West Ham of the English Premiere League took the pitch in Columbus, OH (the same Ohio that also hosted the open wheel racing catfight between Danica Patrick and Milka Duno on Saturday) for an exhibition friendly.

Columbus Crew West Ham Fight

Things escalated quickly when the *always-friendly* West Ham fans found themselves in the Northeast corner of Crew Stadium, where the Crew’s rowdiest fans usually sit.

WTVN reports, “As a scuffle broke out, security moved the unwelcome intruders to the concourse level, where the real chaos began. Supporters of both teams rushed to the concourse and began brawling, forcing Columbus Police and Crew Stadium Security to intervene and use the chemical agents to separate the opposing fan groups.”

West Ham won the game 3-1, but Crew fans should be proud. They held their own against world class hooligans. The same hooligans that inspired an Elijah Wood movie nobody saw.

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