(Ex) Colts DT Apparently Suffering From Glaucoma

The Colts are already reeling from an embarrassing home loss to the Bears on Sunday, and now things have gotten worse as starting defensive tackle Ed Johnson got the axe from the team after he was arrested just after midnight on Wednesday. Johnson was pulled over for speeding, which in and of itself wouldn’t have been a big deal. But things went downhill when he opened the door to his car…and the smell of ganja came wafting out.

Ed Johnson

Johnson likely would have gotten a stern warning and maybe a game or two off, provided he hadn’t been involved in that whole sexual misconduct thing that got him booted from Penn State in 2005. Now, he’s facing a long, football-free fall and winter — until the Cowboys inevitably sign him in the off-season, of course.

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR has the details on the arrest:

Johnson’s latest troubles began at 12:08 Wednesday morning. A Hamilton County police officer stopped Johnson’s 2009 Mercedes on westbound I-465 for going 72 mph in a 55-mph zone.

When Johnson opened his car door to talk with the officer, “the officer noticed the odor of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle,” according to Vicky Dunbar, a public information officer with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department.

A subsequent search of Johnson’s car, initially by a K-9 unit, revealed an undisclosed amount of marijuana in the center console.

Maybe Ed just didn’t know he was going to be held to a no-tolerance policy. Or, maybe he was told repeatedly and still got arrested anyway:

Polian stressed that Johnson knew his history required him to fully comply with team rules.

“He was repeatedly told this during the offseason,” Polian said. “Along with his teammates, he was reminded as recently as (Tuesday) of coach Dungy’s rules of behavior.

“Unfortunately, he chose to violate those rules. Given the circumstances surrounding Ed’s original employment with the Colts . . . we have no choice but to take this action.”

Johnson will have to forfeit all but about $22,000 of his $370,000 salary. That’s a mighty expensive bag of weed.

Shunning calls from small-time outlets like the ASSOCIATED PRESS, Johnson gave an exclusive interview to JOCKLIFE.COM and bared his soul:

“I really want to thank coach [Dungy] for the opportunity of playing with a great organization” Johnson said. Undrafted out of Penn State, Johnson valued his time in the city and also credited that to the support of the fans.

Unfortunately, Johnson would miss the relationships he has built over the year with teammates and different people in the organization. “Playing with these guys on the field and bonding with a lot of people, I’m going to really miss that” Johnson concluded.

I’m thinking he’ll probably miss the $370,000 more, but that’s just a hunch.

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