Colts’ New Stadium’s Food Service Is Rats–t Crazy

Note to Indianapolis Colts ticket holders - if you’re squeamish or germophobic, either don’t eat the food at Lucas Oil Stadium or don’t read this article. Seriously, this is bad. Go somewhere else. Have you heard of DAILY KITTEN? Go to Daily Kitten instead of reading this if you have a weak stomach. Everyone gone? Okay, let’s talk rat crap.

Rat Feces Lucas Oil Stadium

That’s one of several pictures taken by an employee of the catering company that services Lucas Oil Stadium for Colts games. That employee, who’s protecting her own identity to save her job (totally smart move, by the way; nobody likes a whistleblower), is documenting for FOX 59 the numerous instances of rat feces on and near areas where food is stored at the stadium. Ratatouille ain’t got s–t on this s–t!

From Fox 59:

“The pictures are actually showing mice droppings in the food pantry, on the floor, on the shelves, on the counters, there’s been some on the carts,” said a worker now calling the whistle on the ongoing food safety violations at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I brought these pictures forward because I felt people should know where their food’s coming from. It’s not safe.”

Centerplate catering does all food services at Lucas Oil as well as for the Convention Center. Fox59 contacted Centerplate for comment but they did not respond. Fox59 also contacted the Capitol Improvement Board that oversees Lucas Oil Stadium. CIB president Barney Levengood said he was unavailable to review the photos but would be available Tuesday.

Okay, so they found some dried feces. What’s the big deal? Maybe this is a new problem and they’re working on it. These problems don’t fix themselves instantaneously, you know. Why don’t you just give them a month or two to–oh, I’m sorry, there’s more bad news?

Centerplate Catering and Lucas Oil Stadium have been cited for food safety violations dating back to 2008. In January 2009, health investigators found dead rodents hadn’t been removed from food service areas. In March, investigators found mice feces by coffee urns. In April, a report showed mice running through a Stadium Kitchen. In September, there were violations for improperly storing toxic materials and for “unsafe food” that wasn’t being kept cold or hot enough at Lucas Oil.

You see? YOU SEE?! We told you not to keep reading if you didn’t want to read gross things. Oh, sweet merciful Jesus, we need to do some barfing now.

And yes, it’s worth mentioning that most of us have food hygiene standards that fall more closely to the Colts’ rat trap than we’d care to admit; for example, got a cat? Does he or she ever walk on the kitchen counter? Do you know where else those feet go? And do you wash off the counter every single time you use it? Yeah, you’ve eaten microscopic parts of cat crap, then. See?

But if it’s a company’s job to serve food, the least they can do is make sure the place is as sanitary as possible. If the stadium staff isn’t working to curtail the rat population, that’s pretty messed up too, but there are ways to work around that. For as abhorrent as food service administrators are to spend money (seriously, their margins are insane), it’s probably worth their while to hire a full-time sanitary employee for the kitchen who does nothing but inspect shelves and surfaces for this stuff all day long on Game Day. Whatever that person gets paid will probably pay for itself in terms of health code violations and fines, PR, and increased fan trust in the concessions at the stadium. Lord knows Centerplate could use some of that trust right now.