Colt Brennan Denies Hookup with Jessica Simpson

I have a feeling you’ll take this news the same way you did when you found out that Alex Rodriguez broke up with Madonna; or that James Brown wears a hairpiece … Colt Brennan is denying reports that he’s romantically involved with Jessica Simpson. The Redskins’ third-string quarterback is pleading ignorance over the whole thing, which is good for the Redskins I suppose, but bad for STAR MAGAZINE, which started the whole thing last week.

Colt Brennan, Jessica Simpson

Brennan, the former University of Hawaii star, has other things to worry about, however. In denying his involvement with Tony Romo’s ex-girlfriend, he referred to teammate Chris Cooley as his “life coach.” That’s troubling on several different levels.

Brennan told the HONOLULU ADVERTISER that he was tempted to milk the Simpson story, but couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“My life coach, Chris Cooley, said that I should neither confirm nor deny it,” Brennan said. “But me being an honest guy, I have no idea what that’s about. If it’s Tony Romo who did that, it’s absolutely hilarious.”

If Brennan is telling the truth, and he probably is, one has to wonder what warped imagination came up with this in the first place. Jessica Simpson and the third-string QB for the Redskins? You don’t conjure that without spinning a wheel or eating several dangerous forest mushrooms.

Who’s next?

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