Colorado Priest Caught Running Naked At High School Track

PRIEST CAUGHT OUTSIDE JOGGING JUST AS GOD MADE HIM: A Catholic priest in Colorado is facing charges for running naked at a high school track:

Priest Running Naked

The DENVER POST gets the skinny on Rev. Robert Whipkey, who was found by Frederick police in the wee hours of June 22 walking the streets sans-clothing.

Whipkey said he was returning from a jog around the track, and claimed he removed his clothes because he sweats profusely. He thought nothing of his nudity, because he didn’t think anyone else would be around that early in the morning.

Pope Benedict Run Naked

The pantless priest could end up being convicted of indecent exposure. If that were to happen, Whipkey would have to register as a sex offender.

A priest as a sex offender? Parish the thought!