Colorado Coach Dan Hawkins Pregamed With Abba Before Oklahoma Upset

BUFFS’ DAN HAWKINS PREGAMED WITH DANCING QUEEN: Like you, we were a little dubious about Colorado’s upset over Oklahoma. But in his blog today, CU Coach Dan Hawkins clears up the confusion, by giving us the real inspiration behind his coaching effort last Saturday at Folsom Field: “Took my wife to Red Rocks on Thursday night to see ABBA. Why? Well, it was for her birthday. Now, I love music, but I can say I’m not much of an ABBA guy, but my wife is.

Abba Dan Hawkins

You stay married for 25 years by making sacrifices for each other. My wife is a saint and she has made MANY sacrifices for me. Dedicating some time with her and doing something SHE wanted to do TOGETHER was a reasonable sacrifice I needed to make. Red Rocks was stunning, the concert was fun, and the time spent with her was priceless. Remember? Focus on the process, just get better, quit trying to win and just be a winner. Life, marriage, or football—it’s all the same.

Football and marriage is all the same? We just hope that doesn’t mean Hawkins has stinky jock straps strewn all over his house. And discarded athletic tape. And the pungent aroma of Ben-Gay. Yeah, we seriously doubt Hawkins lives that way off the field.

Mark Mangino

Mark Mangino, we’re not so sure.