Was Collegiate Catfight Over Asst Football Coach?

YOU BEEN BLINDED passes along the seamy story of two student-athletes in Arizona going at it in a collegiate catfight.

Patty Paniagua Katrnia Johnson figthing coeds

(L: Patty Paniagua; R: Katrina Johnson)

Patty Paniagua and Katrina Johnson of Arizona Western College were arrested on Tuesday, after both were entangled in not just one but a series of assaults in the school’s residence halls on Monday night.

The fighting may have been over a guy at the college, but not just any guy - try the football team’s wide receivers coach.

The YUMA SUN reports that as authorities investigated the incident, they discovered that assistant coach David Slaughter had been involved in a sexual relationship with one of the girls. When confronted, the coach admitted to the relationship and offered his immediate resignation.

Unfortunately, the Sun wouldn’t say which gal Slaughter was drawing up pass plays with - volleyball player Paniagua or basketball player Johnson. But David did get to work fast, as he shacked up with a student in only his first year on the job.

However, the trio weren’t the only ones affected by Monday’s mash-up:

One female student was taken to Yuma Regional Medical Center for treatment of bumps and bruises, while another declined any further treatment from paramedics the night of the attacks.

Panagiua had already used up her two years of eligibility at the junior college, but Johnson still has one year left. AWC AD Jerry Smith is debating whether to allow Katrina to come back:

“She’s an outstanding young lady and just made a mistake, just like Slaughter. He was a great guy and a big asset around here who just made a mistake. He’s not the first guy to make a mistake with women, but that’s just something we cannot tolerate around here.”

But isn’t college all about learning - especially from your mistakes?

OK, maybe not went it comes to student affairs - with the coaching staff.