College World Series MVP Busts Caps, Arrested

Oregon State flame thrower Jorge Reyes is in trouble with the law along with a teammate after shooting up a neighbor’s fence, car and house, reports the CORVALLIS GAZETTE-TIMES. Reyes, the 2007 College World Series MVP, is charged with unlawful use of a firearm, a Class C felony.

Oregon State baseball player Jorge Reyes

Police and neighbors say this was more than just pitch and catch target practice. “One shot went through my bedroom window, ricocheted off the wall and landed on my bed,” a neighbor told the Gazette-Times.

Reyes, the Beavers #2 starter, is at risk for a five-game suspension as his team heads closer to Pac-10 competition. It’s unclear why guns were available or why the athletes would be spending free time shooting targets. What is clear would be the fact that Reyes is at risk of being booted off the National Champion Beaver team.

The ultimate decision in this matter rests with OSU coach Pat Casey. School records state that “If there is a plea of no contest or guilty, or conviction to a felony, the athlete will be permanently dismissed from the team, according to OSU policy.”