College Team Admits To Ineligible Player And Forefits Game

COLLEGE CLEARS CONSCIENCE BY CONFESSING CHEATING: Now there’s something you haven’t seen much of lately - honesty in football:

George Washington cherry tree

The CITRUS COLLEGE CLARION reports that just like a young George Washington coming clean about the cherry tree, the Citrus football team admitted to using an ineligible player.

The Citrus College Owls began their season with a 27-10 win over Orange Coast. However, the coach soon found out that their longsnapper didn’t fill out the correct paperwork to play, so technically he shouldn’t have been on the field.

The school reported the mistake and forfeited the victory. But now, the snapper has been okayed to join the team and get back to the work between his legs.

Citrus College Owls

The college must have figured it was best to fess up now and be done with it, rather than possibly fork over $500,000 down the road.