College Soccer Player Flips For Game Time Throw-Ins

COLLEGE TOSSER HEAD AND SHOULDERS ABOVE THE REST: A college soccer player knows you’ll flip for his unique game style:

Flip Throw soccer

The ALBANY (NY) TIMES-UNION heads in the tale of Joe Tavernese, a freshman on the Siena College soccer squad, who has a penchant for acrobatic plays. Joe is best known on campus as the master of the ‘flip throw’.

The flip throw is performed when a player begins a running start, then places the soccer ball on the ground. In the same motion, the player does a somersault over the ball, and as he or she is about to hit the ground, the ball is lifted over the head and flung onto the field.

Flip Throw Soccer

While most soccerists who attempt the throw only manage a few feet and possible broken necks, Tavernese has been able to reach distances of over 50 to 60 yards with the quirky toss.

Tavernese says he first started the flip throws when he was 10, when his coach made the team try the soccer stunt. But his improvement in refining the risky maneuver was greatly helped by his family background:

My mom owns a couple dance studios, so I picked up on that part of it.”

dance studio

So, that’s how he perfected his pirouettes on the pitch.