College Lineman Collects $250,000 In Lottery Win

After years of back-and-forth regarding the morality of universities sticking their students through the meat grinder of collegiate sports while the schools themselves are the lone profiteers, the NCAA finally relented and gave their student-athletes a way to make some extra money: Win the lottery.

Mike Eynon Ohio Bobcats Mega Millions

Mike Eynon, offensive lineman for the Ohio Bobcats, is the first such student-athlete to take advantage of this supplemental income bonus after matching five numbers in Tuesday night’s Ohio Mega Millions drawing, earning a cool quarter-million in the process.


After taxes, the senior from the Cleveland suburb of Westlake will receive a check for $172,500, which he plans to put toward his schooling.

Eynon bought his ticket from a convenience store in Athens. He says he plays the lottery every now and then, spending $1 to $5 at a time.

Sad thing is, if he would have matched one more number, an unlucky 13, he would have won $34 million! What a loser!