College Hockey Player Busted Thanks To His Mom

Going on a drunken run through someone’s home seems to be a staple, but if you’re going to do it, it’s probably best not to call anyone using the victim’s cell phone. Thanks to Mallory Rubin at SI CAMPUS CLICKS, we are directed to BLUE CHIP SUSPECT, which has the news of a Dartmouth College hockey player’s efforts in avoiding the police.

Adam Estoclet

Adam Estoclet would have had a better chance of escaping an underage drinking/drunk in public arrest if he hadn’t decided it was a great idea to break into a home and use the phone, never mind whom he wound up calling.


The former star at Benilde-St. Margaret High School in St. Louis Park entered the room of a sleeping woman, grabbed her cell phone to apparently call his mother and fled, police said. Police said they nabbed Estoclet a short time later with the help of his mother.

Estoclet had a blood alcohol level of .162, and was so determined to avoid the cops when he and his friend were found drunk on the side of the street that he pulled off a cast before he started running. Two hours later, he broke into the home, used the cell phone — and we have our winner for Dumb, Drunk Athlete of the Day.

The 19-year old now officially knows that alcohol can seriously impair the thought process: you call your mom AFTER you’ve been arrested, not while you’re in the middle of an incident with the police.