College GameDay Fans Boo Barack Obama

Not all that unexpected given the Southern setting, but hoopster turned Presidential candidate Barack Obama received a smattering of boos from the College GameDay crowd in Atlanta this morning. ESPN was introducing a story about Ohio State coach Jim Tressel borrowing Obama’s own borrowed use of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “fierce urgency of now” statement to rally his team.

The Clemson and Alabama partisans chimed in with a noticeable round of disapproval.

The sports world has been a mixed bag of support for Obama, who trails in donations from major sports team owners but did receive a non-endorsement endorsement from Chicago White Sox coach Ozzie Guillen.

“I love it, Guillen chuckled. “He has to be our president. But when asked if he would vote for Obama, Guillen chose his words slightly more carefully. I don’t know right now who I’m going to vote for, said Guillen, who earned U.S. citizenship in January 2006.”

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and continue to support the Cubs, which puts Obama in a tough position for my vote. Guillen knows it, too.

“Some people out there are ignorant and say, ‘We’re not going to vote for him because he’s a White Sox fan.’ That will happen. I don’t think he needs the White Sox fans’ vote. He just told the truth. He likes the White Sox, he always has been a South Sider and I guarantee you a few people here like him, too, like myself .”

Ok, so my vote won’t be decided by his choice of Chicago sports teams; scratch that whole “ignorant” thing.