College Football Week 1 Full of Non-Interesting Matchups

LOOKS LIKE COLLEGE FOOTBALL HAS A PRESEASON, TOO: With all the excitement surrounding the opening kickoff to the NCAA football season, let’s take a look at what fans will be treated to this weekend.

Idaho Appalachian State mascots

Of the AP Top 25 teams in action, 6 will face 1-AA squads, 4 will clash with teams from the mighty Sun Belt Conference, and many more take on a healthy dose of last-place conference finishers.

Don’t believe us? Gaze upon the matchups for yourself:

1. USC - WAC bottom-feeder Idaho
2. LSU - SEC bottom-feeder Mississippi State
3. West Virginia - MAC member Western Michigan
4. Texas - Sun Belt member Arkansas State
5. Michigan 1-AA Appalachian State
6. Florida - 1-A newcomer Western Kentucky

Western Kentucky mascot

7. Wisconsin - Washington State
8. Oklahoma - Sun Belt member North Texas
9. Virginia Tech - East Carolina
10. Louisville - 1-AA Murray State
11. Ohio State - 1-AA Youngstown State
12. California - #15 Tennessee
13. Georgia - Oklahoma State
14. UCLA - Pac-10 bottom-feeder Stanford

Jim Harbaugh Stanford

15. Tennessee - #12 California
16. Rutgers - MAC bottom-feeder Buffalo
17. Penn State - Sun Belt member Florida International
18. Auburn - Kansas State
19. Florida State - Clemson
20. Nebraska - WAC member Nevada
21. Arkansas - Sun Belt member Troy
22. TCU - Big 12 bottom-feeder Baylor

Baylor mascot head cover

23. Hawaii - 1-AA Northern Colorado
24. Boise State - 1-AA Weber State
25. Texas A&M - 1-AA Montana State

The only Week 1 showdowns that would seem to gauge any non-alum interest would be Cal-Tennessee and Bowden Bowl IX (Florida State-Clemson). As for fans of the other schools, enjoy your holiday cupcakes.